Provide your guest the best experience, receive 5 star reviews for cleanliness and fully automate your vacation rental business in 60 days or less!

Partner with Atlanta's #1 Vacation Rental Cleaning Automation Company

Partner with Atlanta's #1 Vacation Rental Cleaning Automation Company

Provide the best experience for your guests!

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Present your guest with an amazing experience, receive raving 5 stars reviews for cleanliness and become a super host!

RefreshCo takes care of your vacation rental property

Automate your cleaning process today!

Our Services

Cleaning & Guest Preparation

In-unit or hotel style laundry

Staging & Re-stocking

And more

Whats included with all your turnovers


  • Take pictures (if requested)

  • Report any item left behind

  • Clear rooms of all unwanted items and throw them away

  • Place soiled linen & towels in the washing machine (must be specified)

  • Pretreat bathroom


  • All lights turn on

  • AC works

  • Kitchen appliances work

  • All faucets work and toilets flush

  • TV turns on

  • Damage report


  • Dust high then low (including ceiling fans, picture frames, lamps, baseboards)

  • Clean window sills and dust blinds

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Vacuum furniture

  • Vacuum the carpets and mop all floors

  • Empty and clean all wastebaskets

  • Clean & Sanitize all high-touch points (light switch, doorknobs, etc.)

  • Staging and final guest-ready touches

  • Final inspection/ Quality check and going through 100% guest-ready checklist


  • Clean the cabinets inside and outside and on top

  • Shine the mirrors

  • Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks

  • Clean shower curtain rod, towel rack, soap dish, toilet paper holder

  • Replace towels with fresh ones (if provided - consider our linen rental add-on)

  • Arrange towels nicely

  • Ensure the hairdryer is clean and visible

  • Replace/Remove used Toilet paper rolls (if provided - consider our Re-Stocking Service as an add-on)

  • Replace/Refill toiletries (if provided - consider our Re-Stocking Service as an add-on)

  • Staging and final guest-ready touches


  • Sanitize the telephone and remote controls.

  • Dust TV and carefully clean if necessary

  • Check if pullout bed has been used - change linens if needed (if provided - consider our linen rental add-on)

  • Vacuum and arrange the upholstery

  • Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened

  • Furniture dusted - on top, on the front, and underneath

  • Dust and clean picture frames, artwork, bookshelves, lamps, etc.

  • Staging and final guest-ready touches


  • Clean dishes and check for cracked plates, etc.

  • Place and arrange cleaned dishes and glasses nicely in the cabinet

  • Clean cabinets, appliances, sinks, tables, and chairs

  • Clean and sanitize countertops

  • Clean top, front, and inside of the oven

  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave

  • Clean overhead fan or vent

  • Clean inside of drawers

  • Clean toaster, coffee maker, hot water kettle, blender, etc.

  • Take out the trash and replace it with a new bag

  • Re-stock perishables like coffee, tea, sugar, etc. (if provided - consider our Re-Stocking Service as an add-on)

  • Staging and final guest-ready touches


  • Make beds hotel-style

  • Floors under bed vacuumed or mopped if accessible

  • Sanitize the telephone and remote controls

  • Vacuum the upholstery, the floor, inside of closet, and drapes if needed

  • Replace empty Kleenex boxes with new ones (if provided - consider our Re-Stocking Service as an add-on)

  • Clean mirrors

  • Place extra towels neatly folded on the bed or in the closet (if provided - consider our linen rental add-on)

  • Staging and final guest-ready touches



  • Clean windows inside and outside

  • Exterior sweeping or cleaning

  • Furniture or carpet treatment

  • Washing walls


  • Replacing and Re-Stocking perishables, supplies, and toiletries (provided by RefreshCo)

  • Welcome gift

  • Mid-stay cleanings for longer-term guests (if requested)


  • Maintenance Inspections

  • Off site hotel style laundry (required for any unit with 2+ beds)

Why go with RefreshCo as your trustworthy turnover management partner?

  • Automated scheduling/coordinating of turnovers

No need to manually check on your reservations to book us. We will sync with your hosting management company or Airbnb calendar and automatically assign our team to take care of your turnovers on the day if check-out or before your next guest checks in. RefreshCo takes the hassle out of turnovers and delivers an automated experience to hosts.

  • Availability & Flexibility

Last-minute instant bookings, requests for early check-ins, late check-outs and back-to-back reservations can make you stress out about your vacation rental. When you partner with RefreshCo we take away the stress caused by these events, our team has the flexibility, and skills, to get your turnover completed to the highest industry standards unaffected by a busy guest schedule.

  • 5-Star Guest Experience

You want to make sure your guests are 5-star happy with every aspect of your vacation rental, not just the cleanliness. Our services are built out with this in mind, we can take care of the cleaning, perishable and toiletries restocking, linens and much more, all with a focus on providing your guests with a memorable experience that makes them wish they could stay longer!

Our Team is your team

When you partner with RefreshCo you gain a team of turnover specialists focused on providing your guests with a 5-star experience and determined to help you gain, and keep, Super-host status.

  • We are Insured

Have full peace of mind - we are insured and our team members are covered under workers compensation.

  • Super Easy Invoicing

We automatically bill after every turnover. You’ll receive an email with a receipt of our provided services. You don't have to worry about billing its automated for you.

Hear what some of our hosts say:

Hiring us

The process

Bring Automation, Consistency and Peace of Mind to your Vacation Rental Ownership.

When you complete our Onboarding Form, you provide us with all the information we need to price and start taking care of your turnovers. We may still reach out to you by phone if we need to clarify any information. Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions about our services or the Onboarding Form, 404-490-3712.

You should feel comfortable with joining our service. If you wish to discuss your needs and expectations in-person, we are happy to schedule an in-person walkthrough with one of our team members at your rental property.

Your feedback is important to us. We recommend to all new clients they inspect after we finish your first turnover cleaning, and let us know how we did. You should always feel you can rely on your RefreshCo team to give you a clean, guest-ready property, so we want to know from the first turnover if we meet your expectations.

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