Case Study: EZR Investment Group

From 2.75 rating to consistent 5 star reviews in 30 days


Lehman and Jimmy of EZR Investment Group came to us as investors who acquired multiple real estate properties and ventured into the vacation rental business. However, Lehman and Jimmy lacked the partners and systems to run an automated vacation rental operation and scale to acquire more properties. They were able to acquire and set up their properties, clean them, communicate with their guests but with their operations, they had a tough time acquiring the portfolio and vacation rental business they were looking for.

In addition, EZR lacked systems and was very unorganized. Here at RefreshCo, we believe that strategic partnerships are the key to success for vacation rental business owners.

Also, Lehman and Jimmy both started the vacation rental as an investment vehicle to supplement their main incomes. When they started out they were overloaded, stressed, and completely burnt out from having to deal with their previous cleaners who spoke zero English and consistently missed minor details.

The Process

After the first initial deep cleaning, we helped EZR automate its vacation rental property. In the first month, they received a total of five 5-star reviews. In the previous months before working with us, they consistently received 2.75-star ratings also, cleanliness was the #1 complaint from a guest.

The Result

EZR joined us after months of receiving low reviews due to their unreliable cleaning company. When EZR joined our automation program we connected systems and they immediately started seeing results. They went from having to scramble to schedule a turnover to turnovers being automatically booked when they received new bookings.

Instead of doing a walk-through with their previous cleaning company, we did a full inspection and created systems for each of their properties; with systems and checklists in place, any one of our cleaning pros could enter and turnover a property with ease. EZR can now sit back and receive photos from each turnover.

The best part is that Lehman was able to move back to Hawaii and Jimmy put the majority of his focus on acquiring more Airbnb’s in the Atlanta area.